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Mbug live DJ set on Kiss FM - The Aum Show

Event Date: 
03/07/2010 - 10:00pm - 11:59pm

Woops looks like I got my date mixed up it's actually 3rd of July. RSVP on facebook here

Come down for a drink and a pizza when I'm playing in the Kiss Pizza courtyard!

Ra* + Aurelien
re:present The AUM SHOW every SATURDAY NIGHT 10:30pm - 12midnight (AEST)

Tracklisting in your news feed on the fly every saturday
or available@

Ra* + Aurelien re:present the AUMshow ( on KISS FM (

every SATURDAY NIGHT 10:30pm - 12midnight (AEST)

- Come join the party in the studio...

Tune into 87.6 - 87.9 FM or go online

KISS FM studios are now licensed and operate KISSpizza
so come join the party, have a drink, something to eat and meet up to listen to some music and hear weekly special guests live in the studio every Saturday night before you continue on with your party advenutures...


Kiss FM

Venue Address: 
274 Johnston Street
Postal Code:
United States