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Event Date: 
09/12/2010 - 9:00pm - 10/12/2010 - 5:00am


Zygo! - music that makes you smile

this Thursday @ the Cunning Fox || step into the fox’s lair, indulge your ears in electronic music in its purest form…. Melbourne’s most respected Dj’s and producers take the rains in this unique and intimate venue. With help from touring Dj’s and producers from all over the world.
In them we trust. And from them we gain, education, appreciation but most of all a connection, with what is proving to be, the most influential music of our generation.

With so many genres and sub genres within the electronic music industry, it takes time to even familiarizes yourself with each and every one, let alone manage to perfectly grasp the ability required to blow a crowd away no matter what genre your mixing…

It’s at these times when we turn to the heavyweights, the people who have dedicated their life to their obsession. Experimenting endlessly with analog devices and audio clips, samples, midi, acapella’s and techniques.

With years of commitment, comes years of experience. Dealing with genres constantly being reinvented, blended, simplified and refined they gain a level of knowledge that comes only after experimenting with the changes first hand.

So reckless - every Thursday night in the fox’s lair is a new weekly event that questions the effectiveness of heavily enforced music policies. We recognize that music will continue to progress and develop over time, but feel, who better to lead us into the unknown but the people who implemented them in the first place?

Although we cant possibly know how much electronic music production will evolve in the next 5 years, We can however, assure you that as long as the turntables are spinning, the Dj’s are mixing, the produces are creating, and those crazy kids are dancing from dusk till dawn, then we’ll keep rocking in the uplifting waves, of pure, forward thinking, electronic music.


The Cunning Fox Hotel

Venue Address: 
446 City Road (Cnr City Road and Ferrars Street)
South Melbourne
United States