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Mbug Bio

 Rene Hostettler (Mbug) has been living, breathing and playing electronic dance music since the early 90s, when he first discovered the then underground techno beat on late night Melbourne music shows on 3RRR and PBS.  Bitten by the techno bug he set off to spread the electronic gospel.

More than 15 years later his passion, commitment and ability at uniting people through the dance floor has grown and grown.  Both through the music he plays and his work as an EDM event organiser.

The Mbug DJ style has been described by Chris Scouse from the Virus sound system as “effortlessly weaving complex and interesting sound-scapes”, he manages to fluidly cross genres and take you on an ever building and uplifting journey through techno, minimal, electro, progressive, trance and tribal sounds.  Mbug has a knack for sensing the mood of the crowd, and providing just what is needed when it is needed, always leaving you satisfied.

Over the years Mbug has held residencies at seminal Melbourne club nights such as Club Filter, Tectronic, Virus and Protozoa as well as guest slots at Teriyaki, Centrifugal, Flirt, More Bass, Lectroland, Yeah Fuck Yeah and Synchronicity and played at large events such as Frantic, Earthcore Carnival and Collision playing the closing set in the main room at the Prince of Wales as well as many memorable warehouse parties and doofs.

As well as his DJ work Mbug is very much involved in promoting dance music in Melbourne.  In 1999 he joined forces with Susan Bird to start Messy Creations as a response to the increasing commodification of the warehouse party scene.  

The aim of Messy Creations is to create a party collective that organise quality grass-roots dance events with a focus on high levels of production, promoting young local artists, DJs and musicians; Now coming into its 10th year Messy Creations has organised over 40 parties in warehouses, outdoors and clubs.

As well as Messy Creations Mbug runs an annual boat party called Overboard with fellow DJ Cuzn Matt; In 2008 he worked with Robin Mutoid and Pixelated Pyro to design, set-up and perform synchronised audio for the solstice sunrise spectacular pyrotechnics show at the Mighty Burning Demon Festival in the South Australian dessert.

Currently Mbug is in the planning phases of a four week European tour for 2010 with bookings being negotiated for a festival in the UK and Club dates in Berlin.