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Mbug Music Links

Melbourne party, dj and art collective organisers of the best parties in Aus (Though I might be biased)

Accas DJ page check out his mix for download and bio pics etc.

Excellent Ballarat party crew throwing awesome underground gigs and keeping the B-Town vibe alive.

Debug Live

Excellent live electronic producer who has been writing music sine the early nineties. Check him out playing at Synchronicity gigs. MP3 downloads of live sets.

Audio warriors Utd

Melbourne event organiser and DJ Dom Pang, now based in Osaka, Japan. Monthly podcasts, mixes and party news of AUW gigs in Osaka.

Melbourne/Osaka DJ Dom Pang's party crew CODA - CODA is a concept designed to promote the Underground Electronic scene in Osaka, by bringing local Japanese and foreign artists together for the love of quality electronic music, and good parties. Bringing the rave spirit to Osaka, CODA parties are always an eventful mix of rave, party, and the temporary autonomous zone.

Earthdream was concieved by MUTOID WASTE CO. in London in 1988 and since then has been carried by word of mouth and occasional back up press globally.

Attempting to find a balance between full on rave, workshops addressing land rights, water and uranium issues, and finally corroboree sharing with local Aboriginal groups.

Check out some pictures from the 2008 one that I played at here

Australia's best festival hands down! Four days of music, shenanigans, community, chaos, dancing, anarchy, healing and just hanging out with 10'000 other kindred spirits. Don't miss it!