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Reactable Music - Amazing DIY Fiducial Marker Paper Based MIDI Control Surface!

A mate of mine Chris Mylrea has just come up with a system to make techno electronic music using special paper shapes called fiducal markers, a video camera, some open source software called reacTIVision. He then wrote his own software to map the x/y movements from the video to MIDI!

Check out the video!

In his own words

The reactivision libs (which recognise the shapes) is open source and report back X/Y/Rotation. I wrote the interface between the image recognition data and the MIDI commands / note trigger. And more importantly programmed the various patches for it to play - half the battle is finding a style of music that works with it! There is still a 200ms latency that I have to try and reduce; but all in version 2 :-] This setup uses fiducial markers (clever little things) via a Sony PD170 and a capture card to generate music via a library called reactivision. This allows me to get information such as object ID, X/Y and rotation. I can generate MIDI commands to trigger external devices from this, in my case, a Roland MC505 and Zoom Sampletrek.

This is what techno music should be all about, innovation. Finding new ways to leverage technology for making music. Chris has been at this for years and has been producing music and playing live for over ten years as Debug. Checkout some of his tracks on his website. He also regularly plays live at Syncronitcity gigs.

Very Nice, any solid tutorials on how to build via midi?

any solid dit tuttorials?

Try contacting Chris via his website

i would call it art... this is about how good it gets

please see subject

I wouldn't call it "techno"

I wouldn't call it "techno" music (hehe!) but that's next on the agenda. Anyone interested can also nab all my tunes for free. I just record my live sets and whack 'em up for all to download at:

Downloads are growing as I find old tapes / minidiscs and convert them. Will put the Amiga project up too after April - and a bit more reactable stuff as it develops. See you all on the boat! :-]