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Mbug DJ Mixes

Mbug Steamy Techno Summer Mix - Feb 2011

Mix Date: 
Sat, 05/02/2011

New mix all new tracks from the last six weeks, pretty banging techno most of it with couple of techouser mellower tracks at the intro and outro. Enjoy!

xo Mbug

  1. Future Shock Redshape
  2. Serious Drive Brian Burger
  3. After All - Original Mix Stephan Barnem
  4. Happy Birthday - Original Mix Pan-Pot
  5. Once Again - Original Mix Da Fresh
  6. Substance Abuse - Original Mix Erphun
  7. Trigger Happy Christian Cambas
  8. Oktagen - AnGy KoRe Remix Juan Ddd
  9. Marauder - Edit HMC
  10. Brood1 - Roman Gertz Remix Erphun
  11. Trouble In The Redlight District (Original Mix) Tomcraft & Jerome Isma-Ae
  12. Dark Bass - Original Mix Phunk Investigation
  13. Flight 1605 - Original Mix Dataworx
  14. Torsk - Original Mix Throb
  15. Mr. Striker Jerry Padilla
  16. Future Shock Redshape
  17. Stopover Goa - Original Mix Christian Burkhardt
  18. Facing The Sun - Paul Kalkbrenner Remix Fritz Kalkbrenner

New Demo Online - Clown ate my acid mix

Mix Date: 
Mon, 23/08/2010

Finally done a new studio demo. Will have copies of it available on CD so hit me up for one if you see me or download it now via sound cloud.

Mbug Clown ate my acid mix (August 2010 - 320kb) by Mbug Music

Full track list after the break:

Mbug DJ Set recorded live at Overboard boat party march 2010

Mix Date: 
Sun, 07/03/2010

This set was recorded live on the Overboard boat party march 2010. It's banging but funky techno with a nice raw feel. No post edits apart from compression and normalisation. Enjoy:-)

Mbug recorded live Overboard boat party march 2010 by Mbug Music

Mbug Friday Night Techno

Mix Date: 
Fri, 05/02/2010

I recorded this last night kicking back on the couch straight off laptop unwinding after work. Mostly new tunes from the last couple of months. Starts of chunky techno and goes deep and minimal towards the end. I have just bitten the bullet and signed up for a solo soundcloud account so stay tuned for a few more mixes I have recorded when I get a chance to upload in the next weeks.

Mbug Friday Night Techno by Mbug Music

Mbug Live DJ Recording Messy Christmas Warehouse Party 2009

Mix Date: 
Fri, 25/12/2009

This was my set recorded live at the messy Christmas warehouse party. The mixing gets a little loose towards the end as I get merry but some nice new tracks from the last couple of months. Enjoy!

Mbug Live DJ recording messy xmas warehouse party 2009 by Mbug Music

Mbug DJ Summer 2009 Festival Mix

Mix Date: 
Wed, 14/10/2009

3742488620_1445b8728b_bSummer is here and its festival time, banging tec-house, techno and prog. Tracks by Robert Babicz, Thomas Heckman, Extrawelt, Koen Groenfeld Glimpse and more.

If you want a track name leave a comment!

Mbug DJ Summer 2009 Festival Mix Demo by Mbug Music

Mbug September 2009 Mix

Mix Date: 
Sun, 20/09/2009

Mbug DJ mix for September, my first Traktor mix. Starting of on a Tec house vibe, bit of techno in the middle and a raving finale. Tracks by Len Faki, Simbian Mobile Disco, Guy Gerber, Gregor Thresher, Thomas P Heckman and more.
Full Track Listing

Mbug September 2009 mix by Mbug Music On Sound Cloud


Mbug live DJ mix Messy Creations 8th Birthday

Mix Date: 
Sat, 08/08/2009

n595416590_648608_8509This was recorded live at the Messy Creations 8th birthday last year.  It's in two parts because it was a three hour set.  Kind of a retrospective going through my fave tunes from the last fifteen years.  Will do a track listing soon.


Mbug Space Time DJ Mix

Mix Date: 
Fri, 01/11/2002

At the time this recorded I was moving away from the banging pots and pans techno sound and getting into more melodic and groovy tec-house and tec-trance sounds. Particularly at this time I was very into the Naples techno vibe listening to records by people like Gaetano Parisio on Southsoul and Danilo Vigorito.


Mbug DJ Demo July 2001

Mix Date: 
Thu, 26/07/2001

This was recorded during Melbournes techno golden age with weekly techno club nights from Wednesday night trough to Saturday, at the time there was also heaps of warehouse partys around Fitzroy and Brunswick.  Weekly Techno club nights included Club Filter (Wednesday), Teryaki Anarki Saki and Te


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